Tarot Lessons, Learn The Tarot Cards, Free Weekly Lessons

Tarot Lessons, Learn The Tarot Cards, Free Weekly Lessons

six of branches animal wisdom tarotTarot Lessons, learn the tarot with my free weekly lessons. Have you always wanted to learn the tarot or just have a better understanding of what the cards mean? I will be offering weekly tarot lessons that will encompass the entire tarot deck, including both the major and minor arcana.

I often hear people say all you have to do is buy a deck of cards, read the description and you should be able to do readings. I have been doing tarot readings for over 35 years and know in order to give an accurate reading, there is a lot more you will need to learn. While each card has a written meaning, it can’t tell you how that meaning relates to the other cards around it in a layout. Each part of the picture on the card, the number of the card, and the question of the client need to be combined to give you an accurate reading. Those are the types of things I will be explaining in the tarot lessons.

This will not be an interactive class where you are connected with me to ask questions, however, you can contact me through email or the comment section below for help or clarification on anything you do not understand. This is just a learning experience, there will not be any kind of test or certification upon the end of the tarot lessons.

I will not be giving free readings during this exercise, that’s not the intent of my offering the lessons.

How Will the Lessons Be Given?

Each week, on Monday, I will be posting a new article covering a new aspect of the tarot. For example, I will post a picture of the four (4) aces, explain what aces mean, and then discuss each ace individually.

Will I Need A Tarot Deck?

While it would be a good idea to have a tarot deck of your own to follow along with and give you practice, it is not necessary. I will be posting pictures of the cards I am discussing.

Will I Be Learning How to Do a Lay-Out?

At some point in the tarot lessons, you will be learning how to do a few simple lay-outs but to truly understand how to use a lay-out, you must first learn how to read the meanings of the individual cards.

Do I Need to Sign Up For the Lessons?

There is really nothing you will need to do, just come to the blog and read the posts. However, if you don’t want to miss out on any of the tarot lessons, be sure to subscribe to my Blog to receive notifications of new posts by email. You can also like and watch my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to see when the articles are posted. Mark your calendar as the new weekly lessons will be posted every Monday. That will give you a whole week to get acquainted with the current lesson and prepare you for the next week.

Will I Be Able To Do Readings From What I Learn Here?

Whether or not you are able to give readings will totally depend on you. I can give you the guidance but I can’t give you the desire or ability to be able to do a lay-out and get the message it’s trying to give you. What I do suggest if you want to be able to give readings, buy a deck of cards and practice. Be sure you understand the meaning of each card and how it reflects to the other cards in the lay-out. Try practicing on friends or family to see if you are getting the message the cards are sending you and if you are comfortable doing a reading. Not everyone will be comfortable using tarot, but you might just surprise yourself and actually enjoy it.

Okay, are you ready to learn the tarot? Make sure you check back on Monday to read my post and get started with the first tarot lesson. If you have any questions I haven’t addressed here regarding the tarot lessons, please let me know and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I always available for Live Chat or Email Readings, be sure to check the clock on the right to see my current time as I am on the West Coast of the USA.

animal wisdom tarot

The Six of Branches is from The Animal Wisdom Tarot Deck with grateful permission by Dawn Brunke and Illustrated by Ola Liola. This beautiful deck, along with the book can be found on Dawn Brunke’s website or through the publisher, CICO Books.

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