About Me

About Me

ms yvonne about meJust a brief introduction about me and why I started on my own spiritual path.

My abilities were passed down to me from both my maternal great-grandmother and also my paternal grandmother. My family has been offering spiritual guidance for over 4 generations, and now it has fallen to me to carry on the family tradition. While I was born with the ability, I’ve been doing readings for over 25 years. I use my inborn abilities and my Welsh, Irish and Native American heritage to assist me in my spiritual counseling.

In the early 90’s, I started having self doubts. I began to wonder
if I was truly getting the messages or if I was just telling people my own
thoughts on their situation. I was fortunate to find a very insightful
teacher and she was able to help me realize I was actually receiving the
messages through my own abilities and with the aid of several divination

I use many tools to help me receive the messages I need to
give you truthful and honest readings. Currently, I will use Tarot Cards,
Angel Cards and a pendulum. I incorporate crystals to help me with my

I am never judgmental in the clients I read for, therefore, you will never be turned away because of your culture, religion or sexual orientation.

I am constantly seeking new knowledge to help me with
my own spiritual journey and learning new methods to give me guidance.
When I was younger, I learned and used cartomancy (reading with regular
playing cards), but over the years I ventured away from them. I have since
began to revisit them to capture their meanings and will be adding them to
the tools I use. Recently, I became interested in learning to use Runes and when I feel confident with
my understanding of them, I will incorporate them into my readings as well.

I live in Southern California, and am available for private readings. I also offer group
parties. If you are interested in obtaining either of these services,
please EMAIL me for information.

ms yvonne

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