butterfly flowerHello, this is psychic readings by Ms Yvonne. I’m so glad you decided to come into my reading room.                                   

For my returning clients, I’m glad you chose to come back for a reading.

To my new clients, I would like to welcome you and give you a little insight on what to expect from your reading.

I will only ask your first name and date of birth to assure I’m giving you a personal connection. If the reading involves another person or persons,I’ll also need their first name and date of birth. I would prefer you do not give me any additional information, however, if you have a particular question you feel you need to address, please let me know at the beginning of the reading to ensure I get the answers you need.

During the course of the reading, please let me know if the message I’m giving you is correct. As I deliver the message, feel free to ask any questions you might have to clarify the information as you receive it. It’s very important you feel comfortable with me during the reading. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or would like to stop, please just tell me. I, myself, have felt this way and had to find a new reader. If you’re not comfortable, I won’t be able to give you a clear and accurate reading, and you deserve to have a good reading.

I will never be judgemental regarding the clients I read for, therefore, you will never be turned away because of your culture, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

What you can expect from my readings:

I will always give you the truth as I receive it, I just ask that you are open and receptive to receiving it.

A personal and private reading, and your information is never shared with anyone but you.

If after your reading, you need to have information from this reading further clarified, I always offer a free follow-up email.

I ask that you let me know if the information is correct as I pass the message to you. If you’re not honest with your answers, I can’t give you an accurate read because you will block my energy.

What I will not give you in your reading:

I will not just tell you what I think you want to hear, I need to give you the message as I receive it.

I will not sugar coat the reading, as this will not benefit you or me.

I do not provide you with any spells, nor will I cast one for you. If I feel someone has put a spell on you or you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy, I will do a free follow up email and provide you with the information you need to remove the spell or negative energy.

I do not give free readings, nor will I answer a lot of
questions to verify a connection. I will direct you to other sites that
provide free readings, however, you might want to remember you get what
you pay for.

I will not read for a minor, it’s against the law and also against my own personal values.

I can not give readings or give advice on medical or legal questions.

I will not be tested. I have been doing readings for over 25 years with good results. If you feel the need to test me, I will not do the reading, and you will be blocked from futher readings.

Now, if you’re comfortable with how I do my reading and think I can give you the answers you need, please step into my reading room and let’s get started.

ms yvonne

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