Tarot Lesson, Week Seven, The Minor Arcana, The Tarot Six Cards

Tarot Lesson, Week Seven, The Minor Arcana, The Tarot Six Cards

Week Seven, The Minor Arcana, The Tarot Six Cards

rider-waite tarot deckFor the tarot six cards this week, I will be using a more traditional deck and one most of you may have or at least know, Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. As you might notice from the pictures, this is an older deck and very well used. Actually, this was my first deck I received as a gift many years ago and one I still go back to as a favorite. I hope you keep in mind no matter what deck you are using to always take notice of the imagery on the card as it can be a great help in the reading.

Six is the number for marriage, motherhood and harmony. Six also stands for balance and equilibrium, also is primarily the number of the mind. After all the chaos and disruption from the fives, the six brings back harmony, offers comfort and healing. The six is often known as the caretaker.

rider-waite tarot six wands cardSix of Wands – Upright

The tarot six of wands represents the Lord of Victory, the element of Fire, the season of Spring, the direction of South and the herb is Hawthorne. Hawthorne is sometimes used for heart problems, to regulate both high and low blood pressure, and also digestive problems.

Triumph, victory after strife or effort. Success, good news and advancement as a result of previous work.

The picture on this card depicts a man on horseback wearing a laurel wreath. He seems to be a leader with many people walking along beside him.

As wands generally portrays the career aspect of our lives, it comes to light in this card. If you are currently employed, it will mean good things are coming to you because of your good work in either a raise or possible promotion. Someone of importance has taken notice of your great efforts. If you are unemployed and looking for work, a new position is forthcoming if you show you are willing to do the job.

The can mean you will be better set for your finances. Life has its ups and downs, so be sure to put some of that away for a rainy day.
It shows you have also been more in touch with your spiritual side and are now on the right track.

rider-waite tarot six wands card reversedSix of Wands – Reversed

The tarot six of wands reversed tells us of delayed rewards, disappointment over another being advanced over you. While there may be delays, that does not mean you will not be rewarded. Be cautious who you trust right now, they may be working against you to further themselves.

Be careful with your finances, especially record keeping. It might be best to hold on to those bank statements, credit card receipts and any invoices until you have time to make sure they are all correct.

While putting it out there to the universe for help, you will still have to do the work. No time for resting on your laurels and just expecting things to happen.

 rider-waite tarot six cups card Six of Cups – Upright

The tarot six of cups represents the Lord of Pleasure, the element of Water, the season is Summer, the direction is West, and the herb is Watermelon Seed. Watermelon Seed is used for fluid retention and urinary problems.

The imagery on this card depicts a little boy offering the little girl a cup of flowers with five other cups nearby holding flowers. The cottage and village behind them remind us of thoughts of home and childhood memories.

Pleasant memories, wishes fulfilled. Past associates have brought present relationships. May mean an inheritance.

This card often comes with childhood memories, a time to reflect back. It can also signify getting reacquainted with an old friend. If this is an ex-lover, remember why they are in your past and not in your present. It might be better to keep them in the past, an ex is usually an ex for a reason.

Because cups usually deals with emotions, it might be time to reconnect with your partner and talk about where you want the relationship to go in the future.

rider-waite tarot six cups card reversed

Six of Cups – Reversed

Living in the past rather than the present. Clinging to old ideas or habits that no longer work for you. Disappointment over an inheritance that might not be what you expected. Sometimes an inheritance can be a special treasure when you were expecting monetary assets.

On an emotional level, it might be time to focus on what is happening now in the relationship and leave old issues that have been resolved in the past. If you are single, evaluate why you aren’t finding someone. Take a look at what you expect and make sure that list isn’t for a perfect person, they don’t exist. You may need to put yourself out there. If you don’t get off the couch, get out there and make an effort, you may be single for a very long time.

rider-waite tarot six swords card

Six of Swords – Upright

The tarot six of swords represents the Lord of Earned Success, the element of Air, the season of Autumn, the direction of East and the herb is Verbena. Verbena is often used as an anti-spasmodic, for depression, symptoms of menopause and irregular menstruation.

Notice the picture on this card shows a man guiding a boat with a sorrowful woman and child across the water. While there are swords on each side, they are going safely through to the other side, however, one side of the water is calm, while the other side seems rough.

Passage away from pain or difficulty, obstacles overcome. Success after trouble and anxiety. It can also signify a journey by water but is also a good card for travel of any kind.
While things may not be exactly perfect, this card shows you they are getting better.

If you are thinking of leaving your current job or are unemployed and looking, trust that something good will come for you, the universe is drawing you to this decision.

Be careful if you’ve had an increase in your finances lately, this is not the time to spend foolishly or make hasty decisions regarding investments. However, if you been struggling, it’s time for things to begin to turn around for you.

Pay attention to your dreams, they often show you things you fail to notice in your waking hours.

rider-waite tarot six swords card reversed

Six of Swords – Reversed

Retreat from difficulties that bring temporary relief. Just when you overcome one obstacle, another may be there to take its place. It might be best to postpone any traveling right now.

This can be a difficult time for any type of communication right now so think before you text, type or speak. This is especially true for any type of social media interaction or in the work place.

Be careful of your finances, don’t take any unnecessary risks. You may need to find ways to bring in more money in order to meet your needs.

rider-waite tarot six pentacles card

Six of Pentacles – Upright

The tarot six of pentacles represents the Lord of Material Success, the element of Earth, the season is Winter, the direction is North and the herb is Hops. Hops are used for anxiety, insomnia, to improve appetite and increase urine flow. Of course, they are also a main ingredient in making beer.

In the picture of this card, we see a merchant weighing out gold in a scale so he can disburse it evenly to the people surrounding him.
Philanthropy, patronage, charity, gifts and rewards. Solvency in material affairs.

This is one of the more positive cards in the suit of pentacles. It can signify generosity and depending on the surrounding cards will make it clear if you are on the giving side or the one benefiting.

This is a good time to ask for a raise or seek a new position or job that has a higher salary.

If you are currently seeking a loan for a new home, car, a refinance or maybe starting your own business, this should give you a good outcome.

If you are doing well financially, it might be time to start helping others that may be struggling. Also a time to think about some volunteer work. You’ll find good things come to you when you are giving to others.

rider-waite tarot six pentacles card reversedSix of Pentacles – Reversed

Loss through theft or carelessness. Gifts give but as a bribe. Unfairness in business or the distribution of an inheritance.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves we forget we may need help that is being offered.

Watch out for feelings of jealousy of what someone else has, it can cause you problems. On the other hand, if you have more, being miserly can also result in conflict.
Don’t allow your ego to overrun you. You may need to remember to be humble.

Again, if you have your own deck of cards, I would like you to pull a different card each day and without looking up the meaning in a book, write down what you feel when you see the card and if anything you get from studying the picture. I would love for you to let me know through the comment section below or by email, your interpretation of the card you’ve drawn.

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rider-waite tarot deck

The original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck cards were drawn in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite. The deck is available through the publisher, U.S. Games Inc. You can also find them through Amazon by clicking on the image to the left.

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