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Tarot Lesson, Week Six, The Minor Arcana, The Tarot Five Cards

whimsical tarot deckWeek Six, The Minor Arcana, The Tarot Five Cards

For this week’s tarot lesson, the tarot five cards, I am using a fun deck, Whimsical Tarot which is exactly what the name implies, very whimsical imagery on every card. All of the suits are the same as in traditional tarot decks except for the wands and for this deck will be rods. What you need to remember, no matter if the pictures are cute and whimsical such as the ones on this deck, or dark and ominous, the true meaning of the card remains the same.

Five, a number of uncertainty, carries no constant vibration, it may shift and change. The best way I can put it, if you receive a five in a single card reading or outcome in a lay-out, the results will not be a good one.

whimsical tarot five rods

Five of Rods (Wands) – Upright

The five of rods represents the Lord of Strife, the element of Fire, the season of Spring, the direction is South and the herb is Turmeric. Turmeric, from the ginger family, is used for stomach and liver ailments and topically to heal sores. In the culinary world, it is used for its coloring properties and mostly used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking.

A few properties of the tarot five of rods is strife, trouble, tests, competition and opposition. It can also signify the possibility of a lawsuit, quarrel with a friend or neighbor but might also mean fighting for a change for the better.

If you see the five of rods come up in a reading, it is a signal there will be trouble coming your way. This no way means you will lose, it just means be prepared, and you may have to fight for what you want.

Since wands or rods often refer to the career aspect of your life, it may mean you will have to think outside the box, show you can tackle whatever comes your way to win that new position or even keep your present job title. Of course, you can’t succeed if you don’t try and do your best.

whimsical tarot five rods reversed

Five of Rods (Wands) – Reversed

Since wands will usually signify career or employment, be cautious where riffs might arise in the work place. Think before you speak and avoid confrontation. Keep good records so if you are questioned on your work, you’ll have something concrete for back-up.

If you are looking for employment, keep in mind there will be a lot of competition for the same position, but show them you are the best candidate for the job and remember to dress for success whatever the position.

whimsical tarot five cups

Five of Cups – Upright

The five of cups represents the Lord of Loss in Pleasure, the element of Water, the season is Summer, the direction is West and the herb is Horsetail. Horsetail dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Traditionally it is used to stop bleeding, heal ulcers, heal wounds, and treat kidney problems.

The properties of the five of cups is worry and regret, disappointment and loss. Can show broken engagements and emotional letdowns.

The suit of cups usually comes up to reflect the emotional aspect of our lives. The five of cups follows that line of thinking but will mean an upheaval or disappoint for our love or family relationships.

In a love relationship, it may signify one that has come to an end. While this can bring disappointment and even hurt no matter who ended it, you are reminded it might be telling you this was not the right one and now you know more of not only what you want in a relationship, but also what you don’t want.

In a family situation, you may be holding onto hurt or disappointment. It may be time to step away from the situation and give yourself time to reflect and heal.

whimsical tarot five cups reversed

Five of Cups – Reversed

This is a much better card as it will give you hope that the arguments are over and things are moving forward. It may signify the return of an old friend or loved one.

In a love relationship it tells you that while it may seem to be broken, the love is still there for a chance to mend it. For your family, it may be time to bury the hatchet, forgive, move forward and mend fences.

whimsical tarot five swords

Five of Swords – Upright

The five of swords represents the Lord of Defeat, the element of Air, the season of Autumn, the direction of East and the herb is Mistletoe. While we think of mistletoe hanging over a couple sharing a kiss, it actually has been used in Europe to treat epilepsy, infertility, hypertension and arthritis.

The properties of the five of swords are failure, trouble, defeat, loss and cowardice. Negative thinking or negative attitude.

Since swords are reflective of the mental parts of our lives, this card can sow us that we may be the cause of our problem due to over-thinking the situation. We already know that negative thoughts will bring negative results. You may need to stop, take a breath before you react or you may win the battle but lose the war.

You may find yourself questioning your belief or spirituality that is no longer working for you.

whimsical tarot five swords reversed

Five of Swords – Reversed

Weakness, indecision and sometimes paranoia come with this card. There will be unfairness and slyness in dealings with others.

Not everything is worth an argument or fight and know when to back off before causing a power struggle. Proving you’re right or it’s your way or the highway can cause more strife than you anticipated. Not everything is worth a fight, pick your battles and know when it’s best to let it go. Ask yourself, is it worth the grief?

whimsical tarot five pentacles

Five of Pentacles – Upright

The five of pentacles represents the Lord of Material Trouble, the element of Earth, the season of Winter, the direction of North and the herb is Mugwort. Mugwort is used as a staple ingredient to flavor drinks, in rice cakes and soups. Medically it is used for stomach and intestinal conditions and to boost energy.

The properties of the five of pentacles are loss of money or position, financial difficulty, poverty and struggle.

Pentacles are regarded as the material or monetary parts of our lives, and this card can mean a loss of either one or both. At this time, it may seem as you if are alone, not sure where the money will come from to put food on the table or pay the rent, but you will find a way. While it might mean a loss for now, it in no way means it can’t be regained.

It might be time to ask for help but don’t forget the people that helped you when you were down when you regain your status.

Have faith that better times will come your way again and things will get better.

whimsical tarot five pentacles reversed

Five of Pentacles – Reversed

Just as upright five of pentacles meant a loss, in this card we find the situation will begin to improve. You will finally feel as though things are starting to go your way and you can stop worrying about whether or not you can provide for yourself or your family.

While you may not have an abundance of money, you’ll have enough. You can finally breathe easier, relax and begin to again enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Again, if you have your own deck of cards, I would like you to pull a different card each day and without looking up the meaning in a book, write down what you feel when you see the card and if anything you get from studying the picture. I would love for you to let me know through the comment section below or by email, your interpretation of the card you’ve drawn.

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whimsical tarot deck

The Whimsical Tarot, created by Dorothy Morrison and illustrated by Mary Hanson-Roberts is available for purchase from the publisher, U.S. Games Inc

It is also available on Amazon and you can find it there by clicking on the picture on the left.

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