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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the most common questions I’ve been asked regarding readings. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please email me use the form below and I’ll be happy to get the answer for you. For those of you that have asked, FAQ is short for frequently asked questions.

1. How do I pick the right person to read for me?

I would suggest getting a referral from someone that has already used the reader. If this is not an option then be sure you feel comfortable with the reader and asked whatever questions you need to do so. If they have a profile or about me page, be sure to read it so you know who this person is and if they fit your needs.

2. What do the different types of services mean?

Just as there are different types of doctors in the field of medicine, there are also different types of readers. You should choose the reader depending on the type of answers you need. I’ve posted the different types of readers and what they use for readings on the general information page.

3. With all the readers available, how do I know if they are fake or real?

First, they should not ask you a lot of personal questions. If you are getting a face to face reading, they really shouldn’t ask you more than if you have a specific question you would like to have answered in the reading. If you are getting a reading online, either email, phone or chat, they will probably ask your name and date of birth for two reasons. They may need this to make sure they are getting your personal energy for a more accurate reading. The other reason is to make sure you are an adult and not a minor. Again, they may also ask if you have a specific question you need answered. If at any time, either face to face or online, they start asking you a lot of personal questions, stop the reading as they are most likely trying to pump you for information and can’t really read for you.

4. What kinds of questions can I ask?

Again, this can depend on the type of reader you choose. It’s best to instead ask the particular reader the types of questions they will answer. Please don’t try to test them by asking what you are thinking because we are not mind readers and don’t enjoy playing stump the psychic.

5. What do I need to do to prepare for my reading?

First, and most important, is to be open to receiving the message they have for you. Be honest with the reader when they give you the message that they are truly reading your energy. Please remember the answer may not always be the one you wanted, but it’s the message that has come through for them to deliver to you.

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