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With all of the current paranormal shows appearing on television lately, many people think it looks easy and think they can do the investigating themselves. Please keep in mind these people are trained to do this or should be. If you don’t have the proper training, you might be opening yourself up to more problems than you are ready to handle.

If you have contacted a psychic to help you do a cleansing, a spell or remove a spell, there are several things you need to do before beginning. The first thing is to make sure you are grounded. There are many ways to do this through rituals, crystals and candle burning, but one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to think of yourself as a tree and starting with your head imagine your roots going down through your feet and into the floor. You should always ask for protection before you begin. Again, there are many ideas on this, but for me, I prefer to say a prayer and ask for the angels to surround me in a white protective light. You can do this prayer to whatever higher being of your faith you would normally ask for prayer.

Smudging Or Cleansing

Smudging or cleansing is usually done by burning white sage. If you can’t get sage, you can also use cedar or sweet grass. Always be sure to say a prayer and ask for a white light of protection to surround while you smudge. You will need a bundle or bunch of white sage, and a fireproof container containing dirt or sand. I use a large glass ashtray filled with dirt and place the burning sage on top of the dirt to avoid having small lit pieces drop onto the floor or furniture. Light the sage, allowing the flame to go out. You should just have a nice volume of smoke to do the smudging. Start at the farthest corner of the house or apartment and make sure the smoke goes up into all the corners of the room. As you are smudging, you will need to ask for blessings to have your home cleansed of all negative energy. You can just say a prayer, even the Lord’s Prayer is fine, and continue to go room by room until you have completed the whole house or apartment. Since you are removing negative energy, you should also ask no harm come to you and you mean no harm. Then say a prayer of thanks for the help in removing the negative energies. When you have completed the whole space, use the dirt or sand to extinguish the sage. Be sure it is completely stubbed out before setting it down. The sage is burned to remove negative energy. When I’ve completed smudging, I then burn something to bring back the calm and peace. For this you can use lavender, vanilla, cinnamon or anything you feel will be relaxing and calming. This can be candles, scented oils, or even incense.

Cleaning and Charging Crystals

Because crystals retain the energy of anyone that might be handling them, be sure to always clean and recharge any new crystals you buy. Don’t ever be convinced that the person selling you the crystals will need to charge them for you at an addition cost, you can do it yourself.

Always clean the crystals in a little bit of sea salt, or even table salt, in a bowl of water. I usually leave them in the salt water for about 15 to 20 minutes or even over night. When you take them out of the water, give them a little rinse in clean water and then just dry them gently. If you’re smudging the same night you want to charge your crystals, you can just use the sage to smudge and clean the crystals.

Crystals can be either charged in the sunlight or the moon light; however, they do better in the moonlight. A full moon is the best time to recharge them, but any night is okay. It’s best to put them outside in a glass container. They can be a wonderful attraction to birds and animals, so it’s best to cover them with a piece of plastic wrap. If you live in an apartment and don’t want to put them outside, you can just put them on a window sill where they will be exposed to the moon light. I generally leave mine outside for several hours, but the timing is really your decision.

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Many people are under the assumption that all readers have the same abilities, or they are all the same. This is far from true as just in the medical field all doctors are not the same, neither are all us the same. I’m adding a little information here for you to not only see the differences, but to also give you the knowledge you need to pick the one that is bested suited to give you the answers you need.

Tarot Readings:  These readings are done with the aid of Tarot Cards. With the cards they can give you past, present and future information. Many readers can use the cards to also give you approximate time lines, as well as answer simple yes or no questions. There are many different decks of these cards and most readers choose the set they are most comfortable using.

Angel Card Readings:  These cards are used to draw on GOD, the angels and saints to send their messages to you through the reader. Although there are many sets of these cards, most use the ones designed by Doreen Virtue.

Cartomancy:  For this type of reading, regular playing cards are used. The readings, however, are much the same as a tarot card reading.

Clairaudience:  This is the ability to sense or hear sounds not perceived by normal means. They often get their messages as told to them through their guides speaking to them.

Clairsentience:  They will use their extra sense to recieve messages regarding past, present and future information.

Numerology:  The use of numeric values, such as your date of birth, and their influences on human life.

Aura Aura:  readers are able to read and interpret the colors of the aura surrounding your physical body.

Palm Reading:  This type of reading is done by studying the lines and surface of your hand.

Tea Leaves:  After drinking a cup of tea made with loose tea leaves, the reader will read the leaves that remain in the cup.

Astrology:  Charts are made based on your date of birth, sometimes time of birth added in, to give you an indication of the course of your life. This is usually based on the lining of the planets and astrological birth signs as part of the calculations.

Rune:  Consists of a reading done with 24 stones laid out in different spreads. The message comes from the markings on the stones. This is one of the oldest forms of divination tools.

Medium:  They connect with spirits in the afterlife and are able to deliver personal messages to you from loved ones who have died. Please understand they don’t have a direct telephone line to the other side, so the reading will often depend on your loved one willing to come through to them.

Dowsing:  This is usually done with a pendulum to locate lost items. Dowsing was often done with rods to find water. It can also be used to answer different types of questions depending on the charts being used by the reader.

Scrying:  This type of reading is usually done with a crystal ball, however, a mirror or water can also be used to obtain the message.

I hope this information has been of some value to you so that you might choose the type of reader you need to obtain the answers you seek. Again, please keep in mind that we all have free will, and while you receive these messages, you have the ability to change the outcome. When you are having a reading based on the actions of another person, keep in mind they also have free will to change the outcome.


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