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Is There A Spell That Will Make Someone Love You?

Is there a spell that will make someone love you, to be honest I don’t know. I don’t do spells that deal with other people’s emotions but I’m sure you can find someone on the internet that offers that service. However, before you spend money on a spell, let’s look at this from a logical point of view. There are a lot of things to factor in to the equation when you are dealing with someone else’s feelings. You might want to read through this and see what you think.

Free Will

We all have something called free will. Having a spell done to make someone love you is asking the universe to change their way of thinking or making changes to their free will. Would you want this done to you without your knowledge? For me personally, I would not.

Real Love or Spell Love

Let’s say you have a spell done to make someone love you. Does this mean they only love you because you used a spell on them? What happens if the spell wears off, will they still love you? If they didn’t love you before the spell was cast, once the spell wears off, they may fall out of love with you again. Will you then have to keep having spells done to make them stay in love with you? This could not only get costly but cause you a lot of stress. Do you really want someone to love you only because you had a spell cast to make them love you, or would you want them to love you for who you are instead?

Loving Yourself

Why do you think someone would not love you for yourself? Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly and fail to see how others really perceive us. We think we aren’t pretty enough, too fat, too thin, or we don’t look like the people in the magazines. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we expect someone else to love us? Keep in mind, most of those pictures we are holding ourselves against are done by professional photographers using special lighting and even airbrushed to make them look perfect. Guess what, we all have our flaws, even those seemingly perfect people.

Setting The Bar Too High

Crazy as it seems, very often we are our own worst enemies when it comes to finding a mate. We have these ideas and even some have a list of that perfect person we want to fall in love with but can’t seem to find. Again, there is no perfect person, they don’t exist in real life and just maybe you are overlooking a good candidate because they don’t fit every aspect of your list. It might be time to throw out those ideas or list and get out of your own way, take a chance and see what happens. That person who loves you may have been right there in your face all along but you were too busy making list to even see them.

Now that I’ve brought you back to the real world, not one of knights on white horses, prince charmings and fairy tales, I hope you realize that love isn’t something you force another person to feel. The only person you can make love you is you.

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