I Do Not Give Free Readings, Yes I Charge For Readings

I Do Not Give Free Readings, Yes I Charge For Readings

While I don’t really think it’s necessary for me to explain that I do not give free readings and yes I charge for readings, I feel this is something I need to address as politely as I can for those that just don’t seem to understand the concept. I wrote an article on this some time ago and will repeat some of it but also add some new content.

The thing I get most from people wanting free readings is the question if this is a gift bestowed on me, why do I feel like I should be charging. I don’t really call this a gift, more like an ability and sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, feel like it’s almost a curse. If you are wondering why I feel this way, you would have to spend a few weeks in my mind. While I do not promote myself as a medium, I am constantly getting messages from my loved ones and well as many others that have crossed over. The messages from my own loved ones I can fully understand. If I’m doing a reading for a client whose loved ones come through, it’s pretty easy to just pass on the message, however, the messages I receive just randomly are harder to figure out to whom they belong.

I’m not sure what your present employment is, but I really doubt you would want me to come to your job and expect to get your services for free. Would you agree your doctor, surgeon, favorite artist or musician are professionals? I’m guessing you don’t expect, nor do you receive their services for free. For me personally, when I go to the market I don’t expect to walk out the door with my groceries without paying. Those of us doing readings are also professionals, we take our work just as serious, and we should be given the same courtesy.

Allow me to give you a glimpse into a day in my life. Being that I work from home, I do not have the luxury of going into a job for 8 hours a day. I live on the west coast of the US, with clients ranging from local, east coast, to some on the other side of the world. Since I need to be available for all my clients, rather through live chat or an appointment, I need to adjust for their time zones. On a busy day, I may be lucky enough to have a mere couple of hours to eat, sleep, and shower, in addition to cooking, cleaning, laundry and my own life. I offer email readings that can take me at least an hour to prepare in order to give my clients a good reading.

Giving readings is how I earn a living, this is my income. As with most of you, I have to pay a mortgage, utilities, food and incidentals. Because this is my business, I also have the cost of running a business including web hosting fees, internet connection, advertising and other things that go hand in hand with being self-employed. I won’t even get into the tax stuff.

Now I’ve laid this all out for you, I’m hoping you see I’m not being rude or mean when I say I do not do free readings. I’m saying this is my job and just like you, feel I should be paid. I think you will agree, no one likes working for free.

Just as a closing note, if you decide to come to me or another reader, keep in mind we are doing this for a living so please don’t ask us to give you a free reading. You might also want to remember, there are places on the web to get free readings, but you just might get what you paid for.

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I am available for Live Chat session or you can Email me to schedule a session.

In most cases I’ll get right back to you and it will never take more than 24 hours. When making an appointment, please check the clock on the right side for time zone, I am in Pacific Time in the United States.

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