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valentine kissesValentine contest, how did you meet is something I thought would be a fun way to share our stories. Over the years, I’ve heard so many stories about how people met their partners, so I thought it would be a great way to hear more. While some are romantic, some are also funny. The only rules of the contest are to post your story of how you met either in the comments here or on my Facebook page. I’ll run the contest until Valentine’s Day. On Wednesday, February 15, I’ll pull a name from all the comments and the winner will receive a free reading.

I thought a Valentine contest would be a great way for everyone to write their own story and share it with others. I love reading how people meet, fall in love and create a life together. One of my favorite stories was from a woman who received a call from her mom that her lifelong pet, her sweet German Shepard was ill and had to be put to sleep. Being she was so upset, her friends felt she needed a night out to take her mind off her grief as she had been closed up in her room crying for several days. She was reluctant to go but finally gave in because she felt she needed to get out. The club was really crowed, as she walked from the bar with her drink, someone bumped into her and she spilt her drink down the front of a guy’s jacket. Just as the guy started to say something, she burst into tears. She apologized, said she would pay for the cleaning, and then just out of nowhere, she told him about her dog. He was so kind, told her not to worry about the jacket and they talked for hours. Fifteen years later, they are happily married with two children and two dogs.

Another great one for me is of two young men. They went to the same school from elementary to graduation from high school. Each felt an attraction to the other but neither of them acted on it because they were both worried about coming out to each other and their families. They went on to college, moved to different cities but each thought of the other all the time. At their 10-year class reunion, they had both previously come out to their families and reconnected. I’m happy to say they were able to get married last year with both families attending the wedding.

Some time ago, a lovely older lady told me the story of how she met her husband of 50 years. They were both immigrants recently relocated to the United States to avoid the war in their own countries. She was a young girl working in a deli and he worked on a construction crew in the neighborhood. Every day he came into the deli and tried to talk to her but she was shy so she didn’t talk back to him. Normally he would come in with a group of men for lunch, however, one day he came in by himself after work. He tried to ask her on a date but she refused and told him she didn’t like him, he was too pushy. Three days later he came in with a guitar and sang her a special song he had written just for her. She was so moved by the music and his voice, she finally gave in and later that year they were married.

I guess it only fair to share my own story. I was a divorced single mom of two sons for over 20 years with no thought of meeting someone, and no desire to remarry. My friends and I were at a dance club and this man approached me and asked to dance. He seemed nice enough, we talked and exchanged phone numbers. Even after several dates, I was still happily single with no desire to be in a permanent relationship. One night while we were chatting on the phone, his son that was living with him at the time was leaving for work and as he left, my now husband told him have a good night and told him he loved him. Seriously, that was really part of the deciding factor for me to rethink taking the relationship further. We have now been married for over 16 years. We have combined our families, my two sons, his two sons and a daughter. Our children were all grown when we met and we now have eight beautiful grandchildren with a new one coming soon.

There are so many more I’ve heard over the years but now I want to hear yours. Remember to be entered in the Valentine Contest you only have to write your story into the comments here on the site or on my Facebook page. I’ll announce the winner of the free reading on February 15 so be sure to check back here or follow my Facebook page or Twitter to see the winner.

All you single people out there not in a relationship, not to worry you can’t enter the Valentine Contest. Keep watching because the next one will be Worst Date Ever. I know I’ve had a few myself so can’t wait to hear yours.

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